Kegerator: A Sleek Way To Keep Your Beer Fresh and Tasty
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Kegerator: A Sleek Way To Keep Your Beer Fresh and Tasty

Mar 12, 2024

If the holiday season has you ready for a generous pour of your preferred brew—we’ve got you covered. The latest at-home bar accouterment on every beer connoisseur’s wish list includes something we haven’t seen in a house since college—a keg.

But rather than a keg dispensing cheap beer at a house party, we’re talking about an upscale Kegerator. This keg-meets-refrigerator offers a surprisingly classy take on a barrel of beer to offer craft tap suds.

And while this nifty gadget might sound too good to be true (or possibly a tough sell to your wine-loving partner), it’s actually an attractive and low-profile way to keep your favorite drink on tap. Want to move beyond a six-pack of beer in your fridge? Here’s everything you’ll want to know about updating your home bar with a sleek, new Kegerator.

A Kegerator combines the powers of a keg and a refrigerator to keep your beer fresh and tasty.

“A Kegerator is great because it stores, cools, and dispenses beer from a single tap,” says Mary Cifuentes, senior director at Ferguson Bath Kitchen & Lighting Gallery. “It consists of a minifridge with an attached draft tower and beer lines running from a pressurized container.”

This stainless-steel container keeps your beer at the ideal drinking temperature and ready for any occasion where you want to keep your favorite beer at the ready for a large group of friends and family.

“Single keg units are easy to maneuver and can serve draft beer to 100 guests, perfect for house party use,” says appliance expert Robert Johnson of Coast Appliances.

Or grab a keg just for yourself. Pasteurized beer can stay fresh for up to six months in a keg, while nonpasteurized beer lasts about two months.

And it isn’t just the crowd-pleasing qualities that make the Kegerator a worthy investment. The brew-friendly appliance also has quite a few other perks.

“In terms of sustainability, a Kegerator saves space while helping the environment,” says Kegerator owner Adam Garcia, of The Stock Dork. “Instead of filling your fridge with cans and bottles, you can install a separate uni with reusable kegs to save room for food.”

And anyone who has hosted a gathering knows how many empty bottles and cans—that you have to dispose of the next day—can pile up during a party or holiday gathering.

If you’re feeling ready to invest in a Kegerator for your home, be ready to dish out anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

“The initial cost of purchasing one can range from around $400 for basic models to $7,000 for premium models with additional features,” says Cifuentes. “And depending on how much use a Kegerator gets, you may need to invest in refilling the CO2 tanks.”

Depending on the size of your tank, a refill will cost you between $5 and $22.

When it comes to choosing the right Kegerator for your home bar, there are several brands to consider.

“EdgeStar is one of the most reputable names known for quality models, complete with everything needed to get started,” says Cifuentes. “Marvel, Lynx, and True Residential have great options for those looking for more cutting-edge features, such as digital temperature control or outdoor use.”

But ultimately, the most important criterion when it comes to purchasing a Kegerator is to find one that works for your bar space and budget.

“There are a lot of different models of Kegerators, from indoor or outdoor use to small single-tap, free-standing units to larger double-tap models ideal for those who want to entertain large groups,” adds Cifuentes.

The good news is that most Kegerator models come with a comprehensive list of features, including digital temperature displays, adjustable thermostats, and stainless-steel interiors. And besides picking the right model for your needs, you can also save a few bucks by choosing one that’s easy to install yourself.

“If you have appliance repair and assembly experience, installing a single-unit Kegerator is a relatively simple process,” says Johnson. “It involves installing casters, the tap tower, railing, beer line, carbon dioxide regulator, and coupler to the right areas.”

And if you don’t have appliance experience or plan to install a multiple-unit Kegerator, Johnson recommends hiring a pro.

However you get your new Kegerator, remember the simple steps to getting a perfect draft beer pour. Start your draft with a cold glass tilted 45 degrees as close to the tap as possible. Fill the glass about halfway, then level the glass to get the optimal amount of head on your very own draft beer. And enjoy!

Larissa Runkle (@therealest8writer) is a writer and editor living in Colorado. Her work focuses on unique real estate and design trends.

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