Drink a lot of Red Bull energy drinks? Don't miss this deal
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Drink a lot of Red Bull energy drinks? Don't miss this deal

Jun 03, 2024

Amazon’s October Prime Day event is now over, but Walmart’s equivalent is still in full swing until 7 PM EST. While that doesn’t give you a lot of time to analyze unfamiliar products and decide if they’re worth buying, the familiar everyday stuff becomes a lot easier to figure out. If you like Redbull, you’ll want to take advantage of this deal. We’ll still go into the specifics, of course, but we also know plenty of our reader base buy this product on the regular. If that’s you, then you’ll know 24 cans of Redbull for just $40 is a great deal. Can you guess what it would be normally? If you were able to pinpoint this as a savings of $17 off of the usual $57, then you likely buy Red Bulls often. You can go ahead and tap the button below, no further reading required!

One of the first things to know about Red Bull is that it is an energy drink. Those two words are more relevant than you might think. For instance, at 37g of sugar per 12 fl oz can, that puts Red Bull solidly between the sugarless flavored sparkling water beverages and the 60-80+ grams of sugar in tooth-rotting, diet-ruining sodas. Additionally, it isn’t composed of just caffeine (though a can does have a whopping 114mg of the stuff) but with things like taurine and healthy B-group vitamins to give you a more rounded, realized energy. Red Bull, after all, does give you wings…

Nobody wants to admit it, but the branding certainly affects the taste and feel of the drink as well. This isn’t Princes Energy Water, this is Redbull! The brand is known for working with high speed, intense sports effort. We’ve seen them team up with Ford at Formula 1 just this year. There’s a nearly undeniable cool factor in what the company gets up to.

So, whether you’re a confirmed repurchaser, who knows the price down to the dollar mark, are looking for the sweet spot between soda and water, or want to pretend your morning commute is an F1 race, Red Bull is probably for you. As part of Walmart’s Deals Holiday Kickoff, ending at 7PM EST tonight, you can get 24 cans for just $40 (~$1.67/can), which is $17 off the usual $57. Tap the button below to secure yours now.