Bear breaks into CT home, steals lasagna from freezer
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Bear breaks into CT home, steals lasagna from freezer

Oct 17, 2023

A bear in Barkhamsted stole a frozen lasagna after entering the home through an unlocked window.

A bear in Connecticut had itself a lasagna dinner on Thursday.

The black bear broke into Barkhamsted resident Helena Houlis' home after entering through a window.

Ana Oliveria, Houlis' mother, posted the video to her Simsbury-based restaurant's social media page, as the lasagna the bear stole was from her restaurant, Ana's Kitchen.

In the Ring camera footage, the bear is seen opening a freezer drawer with its paws, snatching the frozen lasagna and using the freezer as a step stool to exit out of the kitchen window. Oliveria said that was the same window the bear used to enter the home, which had been closed but not locked. The bear did not do any damage to the home.

Oliveria said that her daughter regularly monitors her home via security cameras, so she knew this was the first time the bear had entered. The bear had tags on, meaning Connecticut's Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) is tracking it.

The lasagna-stealing bear incident came at the end of a week celebrating chunky bears, know as Fat Bear Week, during which the National Park Service celebrates heavy-set bears in Alaska in their preparation for hibernation. The organization hosts a bracket-style tournament allowing people to vote for their favorite fat bear.

At the end of September, DEEP issued a warning that Nutmeggers should be on the lookout for bears, and that increased activity from the animals should be expected as they forage for more food ahead of winter.